Talent Optimization

Talent Optimization

Drive engagement and turn your biggest
investment - your people - into your greatest
asset by leveraging the Predictive Index (PI) to
create your talent optimization framework.

Inspired Employees Engage

Engagement impacts job satisfaction and performance.

The productivity of your organization is determined by your people. Ask yourself – how are your people performing? Are they working independently or as a team to execute on your overall strategy?

The solution – measure employee engagement by aligning your people to the job, manager, team, and organization.

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The talent optimization framework provides amazing insight into how to both build and maintain teams.

Eric P., Chief of Services
Trilogy Financial

Inspire your teams, gain alignment with
Our Employee Engagement Framework

Our Employee Engagement Framework

The best way to drive results,build winning teams, and strengthen your company culture is to create talent optimization using the Predictive Index.

what is predictive index

What is the Predictive Index?

It is a Proven Methodology.

The Predictive Index (PI) is a time-tested, scientifically- validated and proven software tool to give you insights on what is motivating and driving the needs of your people, while integrating them into your business strategy.

Use PI to unlock the power within your people:

  • Create Behavioral and Cognitive Job Profiles for behaviors that drive success in various roles
  • Invest time interviewing the right candidates who match the Job Profile
  • Hire the best match for the job, manager, team
  • Create Your Dream Team that drives performance and achieves results

Everyone is motivated differently!
Identifying how each person is driven before taking action is crucial.

The most powerful aspect of PI is the behavioral assessment by measuring an individual’s motivating drives and needs. The behavioral assessment takes the guesswork out of understanding your talent and allows leaders to make objective decisions and build teams with data, not just intuition.

All employees, from the frontline producer to the CEO, can benefit from a deeper awareness of drives and motivational needs. Do you and your team have this level of objective data to make informed people decisions? If not, this behavioral assessment provides you the insight you need at your fingertips.

Behavioral Chart

Let us put you and your fellow leaders in the best position possible to control outcomes and drive success with confidence with the Predictive Index.

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The Power of Talent Optimization

Finally, there’s a scientific way to design high-performing teams with predictability.

Streamline your interview process and spend more time on the right candidates.

Teams get the work done and each individual will contribute to the team’s success. We empower you to identify key success factors for various roles in your business. Then we use the talent optimization framework and PI data to align the best person for the role and team within the organization.

When you have the right people in the right roles on the right team, you win.

We have used the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessments since 2011 with the excellent support and expertise of Jill Berg and her team at Insight Consulting, Inc. This has made a tremendous difference in our ability to select and develop employees, and is also extremely helpful as we develop work teams, promote, and understand the strengths and weaknesses of the organization as a whole.

John K., Chairman
Kimball Equipment Company

Create Dream Teams

Dream teams get it done. The Predictive Index and our team empower you to build teams with data, not intuition., to inspire your team to crush their goals.

By bringing the excitement into the workplace, your employees will feel the joy of working on your team and will trust each other.

Let’s work together to build your Dream Team!

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